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With current loadhsedding, cable theft and Eskom price increases SOLARFIN has become the only way to safely get of the Eskom grid and power your home


Select one of our pre designed packages that suite your home electricity needs


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Our clients enjoy electricity independence...

Along with many other benefits since entrusting Solarfin with the perfect solution that not only helped take them off the Eskom grid but also eliminated the need to spend great amounts of money up front.

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Increase Your Value

Having a sought after solution

as part of your home means you can get the price you are looking for when reselling your house in the future. Being independant from Eskom definately ads value


Benefit From Solar Power

Our clients never sit in the dark

"We never fear loadshedding, cable theft and or electricity price hikes as we generate enough electricity to be totaly independant from Eskom..." - customer


A Bright Contribution

With solar power you are not

contributing to global warming as your source of electricity does not emit harmful gasses and chemicals into the air. This is one of the best ways to slow down the greenhouse effect.